PC Capital – Investment Banking México


PC Capital currently manages a legacy portfolio of early stage investments in varied industries such as education, sustainability, SMEs services and fitness. PC Capital is a Member of Endeavor’s Global Investment Network. For more information please visit http://www.endeavorin.org

PC Capital’s management is composed of individuals who:

  • Are Mexican and have deep rooted knowledge of their country’s needs and business culture and are passionate about the opportunities that have yet to be developed in Mexico.
  • Are experienced and proven investment professionals with international expertise as:
    • Private equity investors with over US $1.8 billion in investment transactions.
    • Board members of some of Mexico’s largest publicly traded companies, institutional private equity portfolio companies and start ups.
    • Management consultants serving some of Mexico’s and the region’s leading corporations.
    • Investment bankers with over US $1 billion in sell side, buy side and restructuring deals.
  • Have a strong business and personal network of:
    • Deal sourcing sources
    • Business development resources
    • Co-investors
    • Industry advisors and Operators

“To invest in Mexico’s small cap high growth opportunities that are consistently overseen by the country’s traditional private equity investors due to their size and by venture capitalists due to their lack of high tech focus, contributing the required capital to fuel local innovation and the growth of proven business concepts and industries yet underdeveloped in Mexico.”